Local Street Rehabilitation Program

Local Street Rehabilitation Program

On February 6, 2011, the City Council adopted a short- and long-term street rehabilitation program. The short-term strategy includes a list of prioritized major connecting streets and focuses current funding on maintaining the streets most used by motorists. The long-term strategy includes reducing street maintenance costs and seeking new funding sources to allow the City to effectively maintain all City streets.

Short-term Local Street Rehabilitation List - Major Connecting Streets* The following street segments have been prioritized, in consultation with the City Engineer and City Manager, and adopted by City Council Resolution:

Priority Level
 Prioritized Streets 
1West Grand Avenue - Construction Notice & Alternate Parking Information (PDF) (12/13/2012), and
Construction Updates
24th Street
3Oak Park Boulevard
413th Street - Road Closure Notices: 02/14/2013 (PDF); 03/22/2013 (PDF)
5Longbranch Avenue: Oak Park Boulevard to South 4th Street - Construction Notice (07/18/2011)
68th Street
7Farroll Road
8North 12th Street
9Atlantic City Avenue
10The Pike
11El Camino Real
12Newport Avenue
13Mentone Avenue

For a diagram of the above-listed streets, please see Local Street Rehabilitation Program Map (PDF).

* Prior to initiating improvements on the above-listed prioritized streets, the following streets from the "2010 Local Street Rehabilitation Program - Prioritized Street List" will be completed:

  • Brighton Avenue - from North 13th Street to Oak Park Boulevard
  • Nice Avenue - from South 12th Street to South 13th Street

For information on streets scheduled for repair with bond funds approved at the November 2014 General Municipal Election, please see the Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation and Repair Program.