City Clerk Duties & Functions

The City Clerk is responsible for a number of legislative and administrative functions including:

  • Conducting municipal elections for the purpose of electing City Council members and the Mayor
  • Conducting recruitment for City commissions, committees, and boards
  • Maintaining files regarding agreements, contracts, grant deeds, and easements
  • Maintaining the legislative record of the City, including adopted ordinances and resolutions, and updating the Municipal Code on a continuing basis
  • Preparing, distributing, and processing City Council agendas, agenda packets, and agreements
  • Processing all statements of economic interests (Form 700) and campaign statements, as required by the Political Reform Act and pursuant to regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission
  • Processing and monitoring liability claims against the City
  • Processing required legal notices for City Council meetings, including public hearings
  • Processing special assessments for collection by the County on property tax rolls
  • Receiving bids and presiding at official bid openings
  • Recording and maintaining the official record of City Council and Financing Authority proceedings
  • Serving as notary public for the City

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the City Clerk at (805) 473-4568.