Local Street Rehabilitation Program

Local Street Rehabilitation Program

On February 6, 2011, the City Council adopted a short- and long-term street rehabilitation program. The short-term strategy includes a list of prioritized major connecting streets and focuses current funding on maintaining the streets most used by motorists. The long-term strategy includes reducing street maintenance costs and seeking new funding sources to allow the City to effectively maintain all City streets.

Short-term Local Street Rehabilitation List - Major Connecting Streets* The following street segments have been prioritized, in consultation with the City Engineer and City Manager, and adopted by City Council Resolution:

Priority Level
 Prioritized Streets 
1West Grand Avenue
24th Street
3Oak Park Boulevard
413th Street 
5Longbranch Avenue
68th Street
7Farroll Road
8North 12th Street
9Atlantic City Avenue
10The Pike
11El Camino Real
12Newport Avenue
13Mentone Avenue

For a diagram of the above-listed streets, please see Local Street Rehabilitation Program Map (PDF).

For information on streets scheduled for repair with bond funds approved at the November 2014 General Municipal Election, please see the Measure K-14 Street Rehabilitation and Repair Program.