Revised Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

Grover Beach Lodge & Conference Center

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) went before the Grover Beach Planning Commission in a public hearing held on July 21, 2011. The Planning Commission was supportive of the proposed project and Final EIR and recommended the City Council approve the project. However, there was Planning Commission consensus to recommend that the size of the proposed conference center be increased 20 to 50 percent to provide a more substantial event space that would serve as a premier event and conference location on the Central Coast. In response to the comments received from the Planning Commissioners, the applicant, Pacifica Companies, elected to make revisions to the proposed project.

The project revisions include the detachment and relocation of the conference center from the main lodge building (Building 1) to an adjacent location at the northeastern corner of the project site, and reconfiguration of the swimming pool, parking areas, and outdoor landscaping and drainage basin areas to accommodate the new building reconfiguration. The City determined that the proposed revisions did not necessitate recirculation of the Final EIR because the changes did not constitute significant new information as defined by CEQA Guidelines Section 15088.5. However, the City elected to make associated revisions to the Final EIR to accurately reflect the revised project, which are contained in the Revised Final EIR

Revised Final Environmental Impact Report (January 2012)


A - Notice of Preparation and Comment Letters: A-1 (PDF) | A-2 (PDF) | A-3 (PDF) | A-4 (PDF) 
B - Pacific Coast Lodge Mitigated Negative Declaration: B-1 (PDF) 
C - Project Description Background Information: C-1 (PDF) | C-2 (PDF) | C-3 (PDF) | C-4 (PDF) | C-5 (PDF) | C-6 (PDF) 
D - Public Works Information: D-1 (PDF) | D-2 (PDF) 
E - Scoping Meeting Information: E-1 (PDF) | E-2 (PDF) | E-3 (PDF) | E-4 (PDF) | E-5 (PDF) 
F - State Parks Information: F-1 (PDF) | F-2 (PDF) | F-3 (PDF) | F-4 (PDF) | F-5 (PDF) 
G - Air Quality Information: G-1 (PDF) | G-2 (PDF) | G-3 (PDF) 
H - Biological Resources Information: H-1 (PDF) | H-2 (PDF) | H-3 (PDF) | H-4 (PDF) 
I - Geology and Soils Information: I-1 (PDF) | I-2 (PDF) | I-3 (PDF) | I-4 (PDF) 
J - Hazards Information: J-1 (PDF) 
K - Hydrology Information: K-1 (PDF) | K-2 (PDF) | K-3 (PDF) | K-4 (PDF) 
L - Noise Information: L-1 (PDF) 
M - Traffic Information: Monday through 1 (PDF) | Monday through 2 (PDF) 
N - Conference Center Configuration Information: N-1 (PDF) | N-2 (PDF) | N-3 (PDF) | N-4 (PDF) | N-5 (PDF) | N-6 (PDF)

To View or Purchase a Copy of the Revised FEIR

The Revised FEIR is available for review or purchase during regular business hours at Grover Beach City Hall (Community Development Department), 154 South 8th Street, Grover Beach.