2017 CDBG Funding

In July 2018, the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) awarded the City 2017 CDBG funds for the following:

Activity TitleDescriptionAmount
Water/Sewer ImprovementsWater line improvements at various locations throughout the City$1,821,415
Security DepositsPayment of a security deposit in order for a low- or moderate-income household to rent a housing unit.$83,721
Subsistence PaymentsPayment of rent, mortgage, and utilities for up to three months due to a financial hardship to prevent homelessness.$381,395
Planning OnlySenior Center Feasibility Study$93,023
General Program AdministrationN/A$178,467
Total N/A$2,558,021

Project Status 

Waterline Improvements: Brough Construction, Inc completed the work in June 2020. 

Security Deposits and Subsistence Payments: The 5 Cities Homeless Coalition operates these programs. Please contact their staff at info@5chc.org or (805) 574-1638 for assistance. 

Senior Center Feasibility Study: The City hired GreenPlay, LLC to conduct a senior recreation facility feasibility study.  GreenPlay initially obtained community input in the beginning of January and received additional input via a survey.  After analysis of the input and data, a presentation of the draft report was presented to the City Council on July 20. The City Council accepted the final version of the Senior Center Feasibility Study on August 24, 2020.

For additional information, please contact Janet Reese, Associate Planner at (805) 473-4524.