FY 2022-23 Budget

Table of Contents (PDF)

City Overview (PDF)
City Manager’s Letter of Transmittal
City Council Goals
Major City Goals Work Programs
City Government
Profile of Grover Beach 

Financial Trends (PDF)
Financial Trends
Employer Pension Contribution Rates 

Budget Overview (PDF)
City Operating Budget
CIP Project Budget
Schedule of lnterfund Transfers
Full Time Equivalents Personnel

Department Budgets (PDF)
Administrative Services
City Manager’s Office
Community Development
Parks & Recreation
Public Works

Fund Information (PDF)
General Fund
Capital Projects Fund
Special Revenue Funds
 Enterprise Funds  

Capital Projects (PDF)
Revenue Funds
Projected Revenue Summary
Executive Summary
Completed Capital Projects
Current Projects
 Unfunded Needs 

Appendix (PDF)
Financial Policies
 Gann Appropriation Limit