Signage Requirements

Most businesses rely on advertising along our City’s streets  to help identify where they are located to attract customers. This advertising is done through signage on storefronts or additional signage.  In December 2019 the Grover Beach City Council approved an update to the City’s Sign Ordinance to create more flexibility for permanent signs and more clear regulations for temporary signage.

Temporary Signage

The City has put together a temporary Business Signage Handout to help you navigate the type of signs that are allowed and prohibited in Grover Beach. Click here to view this handout

Ready To Apply For a Sign Permit?

Permanent Signage Affixed to a Building

Building permits and a sign permit is required for any sign that is permanently affixed to a building.  Please refer to the bullet list below for both a sign and building permit. Please submit these applications with your applicable drawings to 

Temporary Signage / Painted Wall Signs

For signs that are painted, or temporary signage such as a frame, and banner signs, a sign registration is required. Please click here to fill out a sign registration, or use the side bar to access our sign registration form. Sign registrations are free!

Additional Questions?

Got a question? Feel free to call us at (805) 473-4520 or via email at You can also stop by City Hall at 154 South 8th Street and speak to a planner regarding signage for your commerical business.